Ex-Electric Run participants know very well that the race begins with you in a clean and crisp t-shirt……

This year’s run is going to be louder, brighter, and definitely more COLOURFUL! Here are a few tips and tricks on how and what to do (especially for Electric Run newbies) before joining this year’s ELECTRIC RUN MALAYSIA 2017!


1. Register for ELECTRIC RUN.
Registering is only the beginning. Knowing that your name has been registered and that some of your friends know you are joining will probably give you more incentive to start training. Now go and get ready!

2. Training is KEY.
You don’t have to run or jog every day to prepare yourself for a 5K. A lil’ jog or run 2- 3 times a week would probably help you get in better shape than you already are in. This can involve jogging or running for short distances, up steep hills or stairs, or walking for long distances. By the way, walking to the kitchen does not count!

3. Stretch that body of yours!
When you begin walking or running more, certain parts of your body tend to get tighter particularly the tissues that surround your muscles. To ensure you don’t get injured while training or during the run, make sure you remember to stretch before and after your workouts.


4. Keep things hot by warming up!
A short jog of about 2 – 3 minutes before your run will do wonders to your muscles. Not only will your muscles be more prepared for the upcoming 5K, this lil’ trick will get you excited for what’s about to happen at the finish line!

5. Don’t eat too much before the run!
Keep your hunger at bay by having a simple small meal about 2-3 hours before the race. This will allow you to sufficiently digest your food, but still have enough energy for the event. If you tend to get hungry more often than normal people, a small pick-me-up like half a banana or a small handful of raisins or nuts just 5-10 minutes before the race will keep your tummy grumbles on the down-low.

6. Expectations should be left at home!
Many people simply walk during their first Electric Run, since it is, after all, a completely untimed event. If you’re new to this whole 5K running thing, make sure you don’t impose any expectations on yourself, as this will only make you jittery (which defeats the purpose of a fun run, dunnit). Just relax, have fun, and perform at a pace that is comfortable for you and allows you to have a big smile on your messy, sweaty, happy face at the finish line.


These tips and tricks may or may not make your experience better, but there’s no harm trying right? Here’s a lil’ reminder though…..remember to wipe any drool or excessive sweat off your grinning face before you cross the finish line so you don’t look like an exhausted zombie in your post-race photos!